Våld i nära relation


Madeleine Nilsson


I´m a single mom from Sweden who help women after leaving an abusive and toxic relationship! Why? Because I have been there and the society can´t give you the support you need in this exposed situation.

I can take on women who lived with all kind of abuse! Physical, physological/mental, financial and have been sexually exploited. 

You think everything is your fault. No one belives in you and that it is as bad as you describes it. Because of course they know the man and when they meet him he is the world´s most charming and kind guy who would never touch a feather on you. 

So you think you deserved it. If you just had listened to him and done as he pleased, you would not have had to beaten.

I know you´re scared to death, think you not deserve better or that you will ever have a better life.

You have nightmares, sleep poorly or nothing at all. Too little sleep gives you even more anxiety and everything becomes a single vicious circle.

My job is to help you find back to yourself that you have lost touch with along the way. Take back the power and control ower your own life again a bumpy road but so worth it in the end!


As I said, I have lived with violence in a close relationship myself. I was seven months pregnant when I left him as it would be my death otherwise.

I did not understand exactly what I had been through until afterwards and that he have typically narcissistic/psychopathic traits. Emotionally abuse is the worst thing I have ever experienced in my whole life. Was obviously diagnosed with ptsd.

When we lived together, it was like I was his mother and would fix just about everything, but it was always wrong! Created conflicts, drama and quarrels for nothing in my opinion but it was his jealousy and to try to get control over me. Everything escalated very quickly because I was not so easy to control. The physical started when I was fourt month pregnant. He strangled me, threatened to kill me a number of times and even chased me with a baseball bat.